We are Cass-edy!


                                                                                    WHO WE ARE

We are a multi-faceted digital marketing company delivering excellence to a diverse client base. We dedicatedly create solutions for enterprises, whatever the challenges may be. Our growing team of marketers gives each client the due attention they so rightly deserve.We always aim to craft the perfect solution that is tailor-made for your business. Helping you achieve your goals is our passionate endeavor. The unparalleled result is the name of the game.


                                                                                  WHAT WE DO 

At Cass-edy, we strive to bridge the gap between the creative and the technical aspects of marketing. Our inventive designs and quintessential optimized content are sure to grab the attention of the audience. As much as we love the dazzling design and quality content, we rely on data and metrics to succeed in the digital world. We are adept at effectively harnessing the power of the internet and technology to create the best outcome for your business.


                                                                                 WHY CHOOSE US

We promise to radically transform the way in which the audience interacts with your brand by making use of the best tools technology has to offer. With Cass-edy by your side, as your digital marketing consultants, implementation of the creative vision you have for your company would take but a hot minute. We ensure unmatched service and consistent results. We offer 24/7 assistance. The holistic marketing techniques we employ combined with the business development solutions we offer will help any and all enterprises.


                                                                                     OUR TEAM

The core members of our team have been part of the industry for several years. They bring with them all the experience and skills they have garnered over the years. Our team assures the delivery of top-notch services to each and every client.



Jeswin Jose

Founder & CEO

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Arun George

Managing Director and Designer.

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Jerrin George

 Creative strategist

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Anna Teresa

Senior Content Writer

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Ibin Issac

Seo Analyst

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Bevin George

Business Developer Executive

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Tony Thomas

Senior SEO Analyst

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Fawas AS

Campaign Manager

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Thrissur- 678683

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Limi Joseph

Senior Web Developer

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